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nina wearing a colourful silk dress in front of a stone cliff


Nina Romeru is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Mulubinba (Newcastle, NSW). 

Music has been a passion of hers since she was a child and and has grown to be the most prominent part of her life. 

She started her musical journey with classical vocal and piano training and over the years have branched out into multiple styles and genres and now performs mostly alternative soul music. 

Since 2019, Nina has been consistently performing music around the Newcastle region and further afar in Australia, both solo and in collaboration with other talented local artists.


Nina's journey over the last few years has lead her to release her original music. You can listen to Nina's debut release of 'adore' and 'golden' on all streaming platforms now!

"There's a lot of great musicians out there but very few that are so emotive with their playing. Thats' something that I really feel when seeing Nina play"

Joseph Wasson

"I've had the pleasure of experiencing Nina's performances firsthand and I am continually amazed by her smooth, effortless tone. Nina is incredibly gifted at expressing her experiences through gorgeous, captivating melodies. Her original songs showcase an incredible singwriting ability that truly sets her apart. Her talent is undeniable and I'm always eagerly anticipating what she'll create next "

Phoebe Irwin



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